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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about Virtuel Design

What is the hosting of a site?

In a very simplified way, hosting is a server that contains your website and makes it available worldwide.

Without hosting, your site can not be seen on the internet.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of free techniques to optimize the search of your site for search engines. (Like Google, Bing or Yahoo).

The goal of SEO is to optimize the visibility and popularity of your site in the search results.

Good to know. Today, a web developer needs to know about SEO SEO techniques since these techniques require programming knowledge.

For example, search engines favor a website that adapts to all types of screens. They also prefer a site with a .be extension if the visitor looks at the site from Belgium.


What is a specification?

The specifications are a document describing the needs and expectations of the client in terms of website creation.

It must be respected by the web provider and the customer. It serves as a reference throughout the creation of your site. It is also used to determine the final price of your site.

The specifications describe the functionalities that will be integrated into your site, its design, the delivery times, the objectives of the site, what are the services provided by the service provider, ...

To help you to create specifications for your web project, download this model.

What is a digital nomad?

A digital nomad is a person who works remotely and without having a fixed office. Only a Wifi connection and a computer are needed to work. He can work from a café, a library or even from another country.

Note that we work exclusively remotely but maintain regular contact with our customers.

What is a showcase site?

A showcase site is a website that presents your activity on the internet as a shop window in the street. It has an informative function for your visitors.

It presents your company, what you offer as products or services, your opening hours, your contact details and any other information you deem useful. It can even put documents at the disposal of your visitors.

Then, it ensures visibility 24 hours a day of your activity.

A showcase site does not allow to sell online directly. Unlike e-commerce sites.

What is a website theme?

A theme is a website template already made. A theme allows to separate the content of a website (text, images and others) from its layout (layout of elements, colors, size of elements, ...).

What is WordPress?

It is a system that manages the content of your website. It allows you to create pages on your site, edit your site yourself as if you were using word processing software like Word.

For example, you want to change your opening hours. Just go to the administration page of WordPress, log in and go to the page that contains your schedules. Then modify them.

No need to use a developer to change a spelling mistake in your site.

How is the creation of my website?

Consult our page « the steps of work » To find out how the creation of your website will unfold.

How is the delivery of the site?

You will receive an email with your access codes to your administration (a space where you can manage your website without computer knowledge). As well as the connection link and the invoice of the balance remaining due.

Once the bill is paid, you will receive your access codes for the hosting and database of your site.

Why do I have to provide the texts and images of the site?

Because you know your customers and your business better than us. Your site should primarily interest your customers and be written for them.

Then your site must be written for the web and search engines. We install a module controlling the level of SEO (SEO) of your content for the web and gives you some improvements (in the Diva Pack).

In terms of images, we also offer image editing, we can also use images from the public domain or buy images for you. (The latter option will be revised to include the price of the image).

When does the creation of the site begin?

As soon as we receive a complete specification, we analyze it and prepare a detailed and free quote.

You must complete and sign the documents and return them to accept the quote.

We confirm the receipt and acceptance of the project.

We confirm the receipt and acceptance of the project.

Once all items have been received and the down payment paid, the creation of the site can begin.

What is the difference between the 3 packs?

The beginner pack

Le pack Débutant propose un site vitrine à prix mini pour les petites structures. Nous vous proposons entre 3 et 5 modèles de site web. Ensuite, nous intégrons votre contenu (images et textes) et les fonctionnalités demandés dans le cahier des charges de votre site (comme un formulaire de contact, de devis, blog, chat,…). Notez que le prix du Pack Débutant ne comprend que le formulaire de contact/devis.

The Diva pack

Le pack Diva propose un site vitrine puissant et un design qui correspond à votre image de marque. Nous vous proposons entre 3 et 5 modèles de site web. Ensuite, nous adaptons le graphisme afin de rendre votre site unique aux yeux de vos clients.

Le pack Diva propose des fonctionnalités plus avancées comme l’intégration d’une carte Google Map, un outil de suivi des statistiques du site (nombre de visiteurs sur le site, nombre visiteurs ayant quitter le site, nombre de visiteurs ayant vu la page produit,…), ou encore un système d’aide à la rédaction web (lisibilité du site et SEO).

Enfin, il comporte une analyse du site d’un point de vue juridique.

Famous pack

Le pack Célébrité est une offre de site vitrine sur-mesure ou de site e-commerce. Le site vitrine sur-mesure est une création originale réalisée avec une maquette web. (un visuel au format JPG ou PSD). Ensuite, le site est développé à partir de zéro. Donc, vous pouvez décider à quoi ressemblera votre site dans les moindre détails.

What is the price of a hosting ?

It depends on the size of your site and the number of visitors who visit it.

The packs offered by Virtuel Design take into account the accommodation for one year. Then, it will be up to you to renew your hosting.

Count between € 1.49 and € 9.99 per month for hosting based on the size of your website.

What will be the price of my website?

The beginner pack

Expect a budget of 645 € excluding VAT.

The Diva pack

Expect a budget of between € 1420 excluding VAT.

Note: You can request additional features for Beginner and Diva packages. We will change the rate in the business proposal by including your features.

Famous pack

This is the creation of a customized website or the creation of an e-commerce site. So, it is not possible to give a price range without a specification. Feel free to download the model here and send it back to us.

In order to obtain a quotation with fixed price and not a price range, it is also essential to provide us with precise specifications.

What are the delivery times ?

For the beginner pack

The delivery time is 7 working days from the beginning of the project.

For Diva pack

The delivery time is 15 working days from the beginning of the project.

For Famous pack

The delivery time varies according to the complexity of the project and will only be indicated in the estimate. In any case, they will be at least one month old.

Note that delivery times are given as an indication for the 3 packs. Note also that the delay is automatically extended if the client delays in sending the answers requested for the realization of his website.

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